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B visits Little Angel Theatre

19 Jul

Hidden from view lies the Little Angel Theatre. This is like no other theatre as its performers are controlled by strings, puppets of all shapes and sizes who come to life and perform. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that this little gem was in Islington, behind St Mary’s Church. We were given a unique tour around the theatre, learning the history of the building that was bought after the war. You may be thinking how can I get involved? For those interested in something different it offers a unique experience filled with creativity and opportunity, and for those unsure it gives you the chance to have a voice to express yourself and explore the actor in you without being on stage. They have lots of great shows on, and a special deal that happens every Friday at 5pm where you can buy tickets for £5, what a bargain! They also offer projects for young people to get involved and create their own shows, the prices are little steep but there are concessions available if you would like to participate so definitely find out more. Overall this theatre is intimate with a friendly atmosphere and at the heart of Islington. It is worth visiting so I would have to give it silver rating. Go to or email for more details.

17 Jul
Check out the new website for young people in Islington The site is full of useful advice such as safer sex and relationships, career choices and staying healthy. You can also find services where you can get advice and support, as well as find exciting and fun things to do in the borough.

B goes to Platform!

25 Apr

A recent ‘B’ outing was to the Performing Arts Youth Hub, Platform on Hornsey Road. Platform holds a film club every Saturday evening from 7pm until the film ends. Desara went and saw a film. Her thoughts “The theatre facility at Platform is outstanding, you completely feel that you are in a cinema environment, there’s a different current film on every Saturday. What’s also great about it is that the Café do a special deal and you get a £1 food menu. It’s a great chill out environment and a lovely way to spend a Saturday night as it’s free to watch the films. Could also be used for a cheap date! The Film club is easy to get to, cheap and accessible, fun and enjoyable, this gets a ‘B Recommends’ Silver! 

Creative, Inspirational, Artistic Fun with Almeida Projects’ Young Friends Scheme

25 Apr

The Young Friends of the Almeida is a scheme aimed at young people aged 15 – 21 (or 25 if in fulltime education). For just £5 for a whole year you have access not only to the Almeida Theatre but to every project it has to offer as well. The YFA Scheme run a range of projects from one-day master classes, several week long projects, and year long projects too. As a member of YFA you get to develop acting skills, writing skills, directing, performing, and even learning how to be a stage manager and a technician. As long as you have a passion and enthusiasm to explore, the YFA will act as a catalyst for your hunger to learn. Not only will you be in one of London’s greatest theatres but you will also be working with top professional writers, actors and directors. Being part of the YFA you will meet like-minded young people and get creative with them. The YFA members describe it as ‘one big family’. Not only do you get to work with professionals and have access to a range of projects you also get a chance to watch the main house shows at the Almeida Theatre for a measly £5 for seats that would usually cost £30. How’s that for a bargain? The YFA Scheme gets a ‘B Recommends’ GOLD. Definitely worth making a ‘scene’ about…


19 Apr

This is Lucy’s review of Islington Boxing club. ‘Islington Boxing Club is a big building located on Hazelville Road, Archway and at present has the largest number of young women users in London. On the night that Abira and I visited it was very busy, with most of the users being adult males. The staff were really friendly and the place had a good vibe so it would be great to see more young women using the brilliant facilities there. At the moment there is a fitness class for women on Saturdays, although there is no young women only boxing provision. At £5 per session some might think it is a little bit expensive but if you pay £20 for a years membership the fee is reduced to £3 a session which is great value. I would give Islington Boxing Club a Silver B Recommends as it is very friendly and the facilities are really good. I would upgrade this if there were a young women’s only session, as I’m sure lots of young women want to give boxing a try.’ 

‘In the net’ at Sobell

19 Apr

Lucy and Abira went down to check out the local netball classes at Sobell centre, these run on Tuesdays from 5-6pm and Wednesdays from 3.30-5.30pm. Here’s what they had to say… “If you’re interested in getting fit in a fun and friendly atmosphere, this is the place to go! The classes are free and provide the chance for you to play competitively with local schools, and if you are really interested you can train to be a coach. The young women that attend had the opportunity to travel to Liverpool to watch real matches and they were visited by one of members of the England netball team. The classes are easy to get to and a great way to make new friends so we had to give it a gold star rating!”

St Mary’s youth club gets a visit from the peer leaders

2 Apr

Lamar and Abira popped down to visit the St Mary’s youth club on Upper Street to see what activities they were running. This is what they’ve told us ‘’When we first walked in we were greeted by a big smile, Nick who runs the club made us feel very welcome and we instantly felt at home and comfortable. There was a street and break dancing class running at the time, if you’re a beginner or more advanced you are welcome to join. There is also a gym where a trainer can help you get fit. To access all the classes it just cost one pound but most excitingly you can have the opportunity to travel abroad! They have already visited Jamaica, Uganda and the USA. If you are interested in performing arts this is the place to be, great artists like Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke used to attend this club. They hold big shows in the summer that you can be a part of where you can perform to the public on the steps of St Mary’s church. We had to give this club a gold star rating!’’

B goes to Urban Hope!

2 Apr

Lamar and Desara went for a visit to Urban Hope and had a lovely chat over a cup of tea and cake. Urban Hope has been around for 12 years, it is situated at the big purple door, on River Place, which is off Essex Road. It’s a welcoming, homely and spacious building, with a chill out room fitted with sofas, computers and TV. Urban Hope also has a massive hall space which has a number of transformations; from a singing room to a games room filled with table tennis and pool tables. They also have a room where they get the Wii out and do some energetic just dance! Above all of this they have a fabulous kitchen where they hold cooking sessions weekly.

Someone is at Urban Hope every weekday from 12pm and there are different clubs and projects to get involved with each evening. Girls go there to have singing lessons and take part in the Beautiful course (a beauty and self esteem course) and food skills workshops. In addition to projects and workshops, they do residential projects in the spring and summer.

Even though you can attend to do a project, you can also come and do your homework, or watch Eastenders whilst sipping a cup of tea. Urban Hope have a lovely family vibe, when you are there you feel like a family. Urban Hope work with girls as young as 8 years old with no maximum age. Once you are in the family you do not leave. The icing on the cake is that it is absolutely free to join and most projects are free to do. Urban Hope gets a SHINY GOLD B recommends.

The B Recommends guide starts here…

2 Apr

We asked our lovely B peer leaders to think about what makes a project or activity great for young women. They came up with the criteria below and have used this to create the B Recommends guide to provision for young women in Islington. If the project fulfils two of these it gets a Bronze B, a Silver B if four are achieved and a wonderful Gold B if the project meets all six of the criteria.


  • Is the venue easy to get to and accessible?


  • Is the project at an appropriate time and day/s of the week?


  • Is the session good value for money or free?


  • Does the project have good outcomes of the session like accreditations, development opportunities, performances, signposting or portfolios? 


  • Is the project inclusive and welcoming?


  • Is the project enjoyable and fun?


So if you’re thinking about getting involved in a project near you or want to take part in an activity very week, read the peer leaders’ reviews to find out what they offer young women…