Creative, Inspirational, Artistic Fun with Almeida Projects’ Young Friends Scheme

25 Apr

The Young Friends of the Almeida is a scheme aimed at young people aged 15 – 21 (or 25 if in fulltime education). For just £5 for a whole year you have access not only to the Almeida Theatre but to every project it has to offer as well. The YFA Scheme run a range of projects from one-day master classes, several week long projects, and year long projects too. As a member of YFA you get to develop acting skills, writing skills, directing, performing, and even learning how to be a stage manager and a technician. As long as you have a passion and enthusiasm to explore, the YFA will act as a catalyst for your hunger to learn. Not only will you be in one of London’s greatest theatres but you will also be working with top professional writers, actors and directors. Being part of the YFA you will meet like-minded young people and get creative with them. The YFA members describe it as ‘one big family’. Not only do you get to work with professionals and have access to a range of projects you also get a chance to watch the main house shows at the Almeida Theatre for a measly £5 for seats that would usually cost £30. How’s that for a bargain? The YFA Scheme gets a ‘B Recommends’ GOLD. Definitely worth making a ‘scene’ about…

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