The Peer Leaders are a group of young women aged 16+ employed by All Change to co-design and produce creative projects for young women in Islington.

Here are the thoughts of the original team of 6 young women who helped launch the project in 2011…


“Hey, my name is Desara Bosnja, in the past couple of years I’ve been involved in anything and everything that is performing arts. I am a young actress and that’s where my love for performing arts comes from. I love working with young people and collaborating with them and making changes in the community through the medium of performing arts and/or just Arts in general. I am very excited to be part of the B Project because it collates my two passions, Performing Arts and Making Change. I believe that there is no better fulfilment then when you know you’ve made a positive impact on something or someone.”


‘’Hi girls, my name is Lamar and I am a peer leader on the B Project for All Change. I am 15yrs old and I attend school in Islington as well as living and growing up in Islington. I am currently taking on the challenge of passing my GCSE’s and deciding my future. I would like to be a child psychologist or a media executive when I am older. I am very ambitious – my aim is to inspire youths to be the best they can be. As I always say…“anything is possible, if you just believe and achieve”.

In my spare time I like to dance, play sports and go to creative youth projects. I am a girl that likes to have fun, and meet new interesting people. I’m friendly and chatty and up for any challenge. Bring it on!!

Working on the B Project has helped me to become more motivational and encouraging, as it’s allowed me to expand on my artistic view and be introduced to some amazing people and events going on in Islington. I’ve lived in Islington all my life but the B Project has opened my eyes to the new and improving Islington. Being a youth myself, I feel that I can relate more to young girls and understand the pressures and difficulties that are thrown upon us.’’


‘’Hi my name is Lucy Elderton and I am currently at school undertaking my GCSE’s, I am very excited to work on the B Project, a) because it is my first real job and b) because it is a starting point to my career path as I want to be a social worker and work with young people. I believe the B Project will provide me with a lot of skills to help me progress and I am very happy to be a part of it. One of my hobbies is photography and I have Bronze Arts Award for it.’’


‘’Hi! My name is Abira, I’m one of the Peer leaders on the new and exciting B Project. I wasn’t always into the creative field and I graduated last year as a biomedical scientist but I have always been passionate about my local community and got involved with All Change to have an impact through new and innovative ways. I love photography and dance, and though currently my bedroom mirror is my only audience I’m hoping that will change with this project. I’m here to learn new things and to be a positive influence on young people.’’


“Hi my name is Lyndsey, I am 18 years old and I am currently at college studying Health and Social Care. Before I got involved in the B project I was working with All Change for a year and a half in creating a memorial garden for my friend Jessie Wright called the Bemerton Project. This was a great experience for me as it helped me to celebrate my friends’ life in a creative way. Through the Bemerton project I was then invited to be a Peer Leader on the B Project. The B Project has helped me with what I want to do in life. I have always wanted to be a youth worker and now as a peer leader, I have realised that youth work is what I want to do. It has built my confidence and helped me tackle my fear of speaking in large groups as I was put to the test when we did the outreach work in Schools and at the Bus stops.” 

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