19 Apr

This is Lucy’s review of Islington Boxing club. ‘Islington Boxing Club is a big building located on Hazelville Road, Archway and at present has the largest number of young women users in London. On the night that Abira and I visited it was very busy, with most of the users being adult males. The staff were really friendly and the place had a good vibe so it would be great to see more young women using the brilliant facilities there. At the moment there is a fitness class for women on Saturdays, although there is no young women only boxing provision. At £5 per session some might think it is a little bit expensive but if you pay £20 for a years membership the fee is reduced to £3 a session which is great value. I would give Islington Boxing Club a Silver B Recommends as it is very friendly and the facilities are really good. I would upgrade this if there were a young women’s only session, as I’m sure lots of young women want to give boxing a try.’ 

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