St Mary’s youth club gets a visit from the peer leaders

2 Apr

Lamar and Abira popped down to visit the St Mary’s youth club on Upper Street to see what activities they were running. This is what they’ve told us ‘’When we first walked in we were greeted by a big smile, Nick who runs the club made us feel very welcome and we instantly felt at home and comfortable. There was a street and break dancing class running at the time, if you’re a beginner or more advanced you are welcome to join. There is also a gym where a trainer can help you get fit. To access all the classes it just cost one pound but most excitingly you can have the opportunity to travel abroad! They have already visited Jamaica, Uganda and the USA. If you are interested in performing arts this is the place to be, great artists like Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke used to attend this club. They hold big shows in the summer that you can be a part of where you can perform to the public on the steps of St Mary’s church. We had to give this club a gold star rating!’’

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