B goes to Urban Hope!

2 Apr

Lamar and Desara went for a visit to Urban Hope and had a lovely chat over a cup of tea and cake. Urban Hope has been around for 12 years, it is situated at the big purple door, on River Place, which is off Essex Road. It’s a welcoming, homely and spacious building, with a chill out room fitted with sofas, computers and TV. Urban Hope also has a massive hall space which has a number of transformations; from a singing room to a games room filled with table tennis and pool tables. They also have a room where they get the Wii out and do some energetic just dance! Above all of this they have a fabulous kitchen where they hold cooking sessions weekly.

Someone is at Urban Hope every weekday from 12pm and there are different clubs and projects to get involved with each evening. Girls go there to have singing lessons and take part in the Beautiful course (a beauty and self esteem course) and food skills workshops. In addition to projects and workshops, they do residential projects in the spring and summer.

Even though you can attend to do a project, you can also come and do your homework, or watch Eastenders whilst sipping a cup of tea. Urban Hope have a lovely family vibe, when you are there you feel like a family. Urban Hope work with girls as young as 8 years old with no maximum age. Once you are in the family you do not leave. The icing on the cake is that it is absolutely free to join and most projects are free to do. Urban Hope gets a SHINY GOLD B recommends.

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