The B Recommends guide starts here…

2 Apr

We asked our lovely B peer leaders to think about what makes a project or activity great for young women. They came up with the criteria below and have used this to create the B Recommends guide to provision for young women in Islington. If the project fulfils two of these it gets a Bronze B, a Silver B if four are achieved and a wonderful Gold B if the project meets all six of the criteria.


  • Is the venue easy to get to and accessible?


  • Is the project at an appropriate time and day/s of the week?


  • Is the session good value for money or free?


  • Does the project have good outcomes of the session like accreditations, development opportunities, performances, signposting or portfolios? 


  • Is the project inclusive and welcoming?


  • Is the project enjoyable and fun?


So if you’re thinking about getting involved in a project near you or want to take part in an activity very week, read the peer leaders’ reviews to find out what they offer young women…

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