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Visiting schools and colleges

1 Mar

Over the last couple of months we’ve spoken to over 600 young women in Islington. 600! Schools and colleges have been the main places where we’ve chatted to people and along the way we’ve found out loads about what young women like to do in their spare time. Here’s are some of our favourite responses to questions we asked young women about what they like to do:

I don’t go to youth clubs or activities because…

“I spend most of my time reading and doing assignments”

I enjoy attending youth clubs because…

“I enjoy it because I get to meet new people and explore places”

What would encourage you to go to more activities?

‘If there are any interesting activities to take part in”

What projects would be of interest to you if you could do anything?

“Volunteering abroad”

‘’More performing arts such as singing dancing rapping and acting”

What would be your ideal activity if money were no object?

“Travelling abroad to help the deprived build schools”

What would be your perfect evening out?

“Restaurant or cinema with friends”

Where do you want to be in 2 years time?

“I would like to be in university studying something I’m interested in”

We are feeding all the results of our information-gathering into exciting new provision!

Bus stop tour!

1 Mar

The B Project started reaching out to young women in Islington in an innovative Bus Stop Tour last October. Our six Peer Leaders raced up and down Islington for a week to introduce other young women to the B Project.

We know young women love to hang out and catch up after school/college, so we thought we’d come down and have a chat and let you know who we are and how you can get involved in new opportunities.

We’ve also been asking lots of questions and finding out what young women love to do in their spare time. Many young women feel that with school, college, work, family and friend commitments you don’t have much spare time. Young women feel there are many things that would encourage them to go to provision outside of school and college;

-To be able to go with friends.

-To feel safe in their environment.

-To try exciting new projects and workshops, such as photography, street dance, live graffiti, event management amongst other activities.

-To not have to travel long distances.

Did you meet the B-team at one of these bus stops?


At Highbury Grove on 31st October

At Mount Carmel on 1st November

At EGA and N1 centre on 2nd November

At Nags head/Holloway on 3rd November

At City of London Academy Islington/N1 centre on 4th November

The B Project begins!

1 Mar

The B Project has been set up to explore what young women aged 13-19 want, to introduce them to services that are available to them, to find out what’s missing and to influence what is provided for them locally. A team of young women aged 15-21, supported by local arts organisation All Change and Islington Detached Team are leading a brand new project for young women in Islington.

Over the coming months All Change will be working with young women and a team of amazing artists and youth workers, to explore ideas and to develop new projects and events.

v    Be involved in new activities and changing your local young people’s services for the better

v    Be challenged by photography, street dance, music, live/graffiti art and other creative activities

v    Be part of flash mobs, processions, pop–up shops and publicity stunts

v    Be pampered with nail art in our ‘B’ mobile

v    Become involved in organising your own event, showcasing the skills, performances and art created in our workshops throughout the borough

v    Become more confident in your skills and earn an Arts Award