B Creative Summer School 2018 – week 2 – Be a Mover and Shaker

24 Aug

by Rajna Begum – Peer Leader:

Empowerment, what does it mean to you?

A feeling that leads to the betterment of ourselves

The betterment of the world and helps see us through

When we have doubts it helps keep us true

Stand up for what we believe in as courage seeps on through

Confidence, belief and determination builds as we leap to prove

That we can move in the direction we want, we are free to choose

It’s time to wake up, make a move instead of just dream and hit the snooze

It’s not an easy path to success you will win, you will lose

Now I’ve done the dreaming part, so if I may be excused

The week culminated in a performance that consisted of everyone’s individual pieces being performed together as a collaborative. Assembling together as a unit the routine showcased the power of self belief and determination. As we leaped into action we presented the stories of female activists such as Elizabeth Fry and Chimamanda Adichie showing how women can make positive change in the world and are not the inferior sex. Taking the stories of influential women throughout history we were able to show using movement how the position of women has changed throughout time.

Also incorporated into the choreography was our own personal stories showing how we grew and progressed from feelings of doubt to feelings of empowerment. Using the history of feminism to influence the routine we produced a piece which challenged us to push ourselves and grow together as activists.

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