B Creative Summer School 2018 – week 1 – Vocalise Your Values

9 Aug

By Morgan McManus Lee – B Peer Leader:

B Creative Summer School kicked off with ‘Vocalise your Values’ – a 3-day summer intensive of the B project’s ‘Lyrical,’ a singing, song writing and music production project. Working with artists Fran Lobo and Tony Nwachukwu, we created pieces that aim to promote change and enable our voices to be heard. Several activities allowed us to think about what transformation we would like to see in the world, and looked at assorted examples of activism.

We thought about and discussed issues that mattered to us, and themes that arose included bullying, parental tactics, equality and diversity. Various conversations surrounding why these issues matter, how we would like to inform others of the issues, and how we can change them followed. The conversations were really interesting as everyone had different opinions and felt differently about some subjects. Often the room was split, but everyone had the freedom to express themselves safely and without judgement. For inspiration, we looked at several methods that have been used historically and contemporarily as activism. Striking, terrorism and peaceful protest were explored, and we decided the best way to get our message across was a peaceful protest.

We then had to think about what our peaceful protest would look like. A traditional feminist chant ‘Tower of Strength’ was a good starting point, uniting the group and giving us a taste of what previous protests have looked and felt like throughout time. The ‘All Change Together Party’ was born, and we collectively created a manifesto that summed up our beliefs. Homemade pickets expressing our beliefs were also created to add to the authenticity of our protest. Writing a song felt necessary, as music is one of the best ways to unite a group of people, and knew that if we made it catchy then people will remember it. We then fashioned our own individual pieces and some role-play to expand our understanding of these. Tony and Fran encouraged us to work on our stage presence as a key way to get your message across is to be sure of yourself. A lot of importance was placed on our body language and the clarity of our voice on stage, as they are just as important as the words we are saying.

The highlight of the week was definitely seeing everyone’s confidence improve. By the end of the three days the group felt a lot more comfortable sharing their opinions and values, and also opened up to other points of view. The emphasis on stage presence also empowered everyone, and allowed us to say our pieces with conviction.

Next stop …Be a Mover and Shaker with Candoco Dance Company 6-10 August at Platform.

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